These articles, marking the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, were published in the Selsdon Gazette in 2005. The author, Raymond Rowsell, reminisces with great clarity about his boyhood experiences, and life in general, during those momentous times 70 years ago.

2005 - The media has constantly reminded us that this year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the second world war, both in Europe and the Far East.  Back in the year 2000, the editor kindly indulged me to share some personal recollections of life in Selsdon during 1940. Unwisely, perhaps, this year he has allowed me further latitude to share some more memories of  sixty years ago.

What follows is not a detailed history of Selsdon throughout that time but more a series of vignettes. These have been retrieved from the vaults of memory, much like as from an old photograph retrieved from a shoe box which stimulates strong and enduring recollections. Such memories are crystal-clear, made so by what were momentous days for all who experienced that period and, fortunately, managed to survive them

I hope that some who read these notes, particularly those of the younger generation, may find them of interest.

Raymond Rowsell