This is the Home page for the local community magazine, The Selsdon Gazette.

This is published by the Selsdon Residents’ Association with independent editorial and advertising control. It has been in print for nearly 70 years and is run solely by volunteers and funded entirely through advertising income. There are eleven issues per year (no issue in August).

Over 4,000 copies are printed every month and distributed to homes and businesses in the Selsdon area and by post to a limited number of subscribers. 

Due to the lockdown restrictions, paper printing and deliveries were halted from April to July 2020, but editions were still created during that time & available here. Paper editions resumed in September 2020. Thanks to our readers & advertisers for sticking with us! Our Editor Chris Jones can be contacted on

 The links below take you to specific sections.
 From late 2018 the full Gazette has been archived here and issues are accessible from the bottom of this page in reverse order with the most recent uppermost. 

Selsdon Through the Eyes of  War Baby - is a memoire from Des Donohoe who was born here near the start of WW2.

The Rowsell Chronicles - is a series of articles by Raymond Rowsell published in the Gazette in 2005 to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2.

Glimpses of Old Selsdon is an archive of Ted Frith's pieces which tell the history of our area.

Nature Notes is an archive of Ted Forsyth's seasonal notes on natural history 

Roundabout is an archive of Carousel's witty commentary on local current affairs.

The versions of each of these published in the Gazette are here enhanced by the addition of photographs or other images and links. If you have any to contribute I would love to hear from you. 

History of the Gazette does what it says on the tin and comprises a number of pieces from Ted Frith detailing the Gazette's origins and development.

Editions of the full Gazette are available from the links below.

Gazette Oct'21 (LR) 2 (1).pdf Gazette Oct'21 (LR) 2 (1).pdf
Size : 7284.437 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Sept'21(LR proof)2.pdf Gazette Sept'21(LR proof)2.pdf
Size : 7165.041 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette July'21(LR) (1).pdf Gazette July'21(LR) (1).pdf
Size : 7356.358 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette June'21(LR) (3).pdf Gazette June'21(LR) (3).pdf
Size : 7201.946 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette May'21(LR) (1).pdf Gazette May'21(LR) (1).pdf
Size : 7499.382 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Apr'21(on line version).pdf Gazette Apr'21(on line version).pdf
Size : 6747.077 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Mar'21(LR)2.pdf Gazette Mar'21(LR)2.pdf
Size : 6859.719 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Feb'21 (LR) (1).pdf Gazette Feb'21 (LR) (1).pdf
Size : 6155.104 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Jan'21 (LR) (4) (1).pdf Gazette Jan'21 (LR) (4) (1).pdf
Size : 5835.863 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Dec '20 (LR) (1).pdf Gazette Dec '20 (LR) (1).pdf
Size : 3562.299 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Nov '20.pdf Gazette Nov '20.pdf
Size : 3622.023 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Oct '20.pdf Gazette Oct '20.pdf
Size : 4094.917 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Sept '20 (low res).pdf Gazette Sept '20 (low res).pdf
Size : 3602.795 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette July '20.pdf Gazette July '20.pdf
Size : 3493.994 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette June '20.pdf Gazette June '20.pdf
Size : 3798.598 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette May '20.pdf Gazette May '20.pdf
Size : 3553.269 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette April '20.pdf Gazette April '20.pdf
Size : 3570.411 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette March '20.pdf Gazette March '20.pdf
Size : 3378.639 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Feb'20.pdf Gazette Feb'20.pdf
Size : 3258.27 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette Jan'20.pdf Gazette Jan'20.pdf
Size : 4133.736 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette December '19.pdf Gazette December '19.pdf
Size : 4158.519 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette November 2019.pdf Gazette November 2019.pdf
Size : 5115.359 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette October 2019.pdf Gazette October 2019.pdf
Size : 4737.905 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette September 2019.pdf Gazette September 2019.pdf
Size : 948.387 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette July.pdf Gazette July.pdf
Size : 3865.287 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette June 2019.pdf Gazette June 2019.pdf
Size : 3520.045 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette May 2019.pdf Gazette May 2019.pdf
Size : 4808.023 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette April 2019.pdf Gazette April 2019.pdf
Size : 3550.027 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette March 2019.pdf Gazette March 2019.pdf
Size : 3624.459 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette February 2019.pdf Gazette February 2019.pdf
Size : 3621.168 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette January '2019.pdf Gazette January '2019.pdf
Size : 3080.97 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette December 2018.pdf Gazette December 2018.pdf
Size : 3921.772 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette November 2018.pdf Gazette November 2018.pdf
Size : 5099.159 Kb
Type : pdf
Gazette October 2018.pdf Gazette October 2018.pdf
Size : 3806.554 Kb
Type : pdf