The Selsdon Residents’ Association (SRA) is a voluntary non-profit organisation run for and by, residents of Selsdon. It was formed in 1926 with the aim of advancing and protecting the interests of Selsdon Residents. The SRA is non-sectarian and non-political.

It is run by volunteers on goodwill and funds raised by subscription and donations (no-one gets paid!) Our membership covers about 4,000 households. 

Selsdon Electoral Ward information (boundary change response with map and list of roads in the membership) click here.

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Selsdon Residents - Membership

For a membership map of Selsdon and list of SRA roads click here.

To be an SRA member you must live in one of the roads named on the list, be over 18, have paid membership for that year from one member of your household.

The continuation of the SRA is reliant on continuing membership subscriptions and donations! Please support the SRA to continue.

Donations are welcome at any time (resident or not). Subscriptions are due in June and for 2019/2020 is £5 per household. This is for the running costs of the association and its community activities. We would be grateful if you consider setting up an online banking payment or create a standing order with your bank.  Any donations for our Christmas lights can also be given at this time.

Alternatively (or additionally!) we also take cash which can be paid via the envelope delivered to your home in May (or one of your own using this label). See below on this page to find out more about how this money will be spent.

Additionally if you ever shop online you can raise a donation, at no cost to you, by using the well trusted ‘Easyfundraising’ app or site, as your starting point. Over 4,000 retailers and other websites (most of your usual shops and websites!) will then donate to the SRA when you buy. Choose our cause name ‘SelsdonChristmaslights’.

Online banking details

You may choose to make a One off or annual repeat payment due in June. The total amount is your choice. (You may choose to pay a voluntary Christmas lights donation in addition to the £5 household membership.)

To: Selsdon Residents Association (SRA):       

A/c No 40336343         Sort Code 20 - 24 – 61

£: the amount of your subscription and/or any donation

Reference: First line of your address  and Your Name  (This can be added to your reference if you wish)    

Any relevant personal details are stored in line with our Data Protection and Privacy policy click here. SRA Treasurer may be contacted via

Community work

The SRA Committee comprises of 14 elected volunteers who work for the benefit of the community.

They meet monthly (except August and December) to discuss and take action on relevant topical matters, represent Residents’ interests at relevant meetings with the Council, Utility companies, Transport companies, Police, other Residents’ Associations etc. 

If you feel that you could volunteer your help with the SRA or have any other queries please contact us here.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Council or Police directly with any individual specific concerns.  The Committee regularly contact the Council regarding general issues of more wider concern regarding lighting, streets, the environment, planning etc. The Association have paid for a website that gives us the up to date planning applications in our area and this can now be accessed by all at

As well as keeping ‘a watching eye’ over Selsdon, taking action where appropriate, the Committee also arrange local events, organise and raise funds for the Annual Christmas lights display, look for ways to improve the street scene, apply for and give grants for the benefit of Selsdon Residents. See more below.   

The Committee

The SRA Committee is Chaired by Sheila Childs and the Vice-Chair is Linda Morris. The Secretary is Janet Sharp and the Treasurer is Iris Jones.

The other Committee members are;

Ernie Sweeney, Yvonne Huber, Sara Bashford, Su Yates, Peter Underwood, Ian Leggatt, Phil Roberts, Jenny Stawman and Arthur Wilson. There is one vacancy.

If you feel that you could volunteer your help with the SRA or have any other queries please contact us here.

Local events

The SRA will from time to time arrange social events such as Community picnics and ‘Teas’ as well arranging the annual ‘Christmas Lights’ switch on event.

Selsdon is well known for the fantastic display of Christmas Lights in the High Street (appreciated by residents and those travelling through alike) entirely funded by voluntary donations collected by the SRA from Residents, local traders and on occasion one off grants from the Councillors Community fund. Each year the money must be found!

Many local schools and organisations lend a hand to make ‘switch on night’ a highlight. We are fortunate that Santa chooses to visit on his sleigh and stay to say hello!


The Committee keep in contact with the residents via The Selsdon GazetteFacebook, local noticeboards, through the AGM and via this website.

The Selsdon Gazette is an A5 size, bound, high quality, self-funding, non-profit publication, compiled and delivered 11 times a year (with a break in August) free to the door of Selsdon Residents by a large team of volunteers. If you could help deliver or contribute an article we’d love to hear from you.

The Selsdon Gazette contains lots of local news, articles, local history and upcoming events as well as contact information of the SRA Committee, useful organisations and adverts from traders. If you would like to place an advert please contact Carlo at

Recent back copies of The Gazette are held online via this website with printed editions held by Selsdon Library. An archive is held by the (Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society) and The British Library. The older copies provide a fascinating snap shot of life in the suburbs!  Some former Residents also choose to pay to have the latest copy posted to them (even to Southern California!). Click here to link to the Gazette pages.


The SRA can also apply for grants to external organisations on behalf of Selsdon. The Committee are also empowered to give small Grants from the SRA fund to suitable Selsdon organisations, local non-profit projects and other good causes where appropriate. Please contact the SRA for more information regarding application criteria.

Since 2012 grants have been made to:

Selsdon Centre for the Retired, Contact (Care in the Community), Selsdon Little League, Friends of Selsdon Wood, Friends of Littleheath Wood, 1st Selsdon Scouts, 2nd Selsdon Scouts. 

Organisations can also apply to the Councillors Community Ward budgets fund. Find out more from the Croydon Council website.

The SRA successfully applied to this fund for a public bench for the Selsdon ‘green triangle’ area at the top of the high street, flowering bulbs and money towards the cost of the Christmas lights.

Selsdon’s borders

Neighbouring residential areas such as Forestdale, Monkshill, Sanderstead, Heathfield, Ballards and Addington Village, though grouped with Selsdon from May 2018 for council and electoral purposes, are not represented by the SRA but may be supported in any campaigns or activities where appropriate.

New Addington - on Facebook as 'NARA'

Monks Hill - on Facebook as 'Monks hill community association'

South Croydon Community Association -

SRA Contacts

Councillors for Selsdon & Addington Village Ward

Cllr Helen Pollard tel: 0207 617 7310

Cllr Robert Ward tel: 07783 152363

Councillors for Selsdon Vale & Forestdale Ward

Stuart Millson  tel: 07783 152376

Andy Stranack tel: 07816 123204 

A few Selsdon roads can now contact:

Councillors for Sanderstead Ward

Cllr Lyn Hale  tel: 0208 405 6721

Cllr Yvette Hopley tel: 0208 404 3462

Cllr Tim Pollard tel: 0208 251 8500

Chris Philp
Member of Parliament, Croydon South:
020 7219 8026

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